Tax Appointment Checklist

Do you have a tax appointment scheduled? Make sure you come prepared with all the required information. Below is a handy checklist for your documents regarding your income, property ownership and expenses.

Income Information

___ W2s and/or Form 1099
___ Unreported Income from Tips
___ Rental Income
___ Interest/Dividends (Forms 1099 INT/1099 DIV/1099-OID)
___ Proceeds from Broker Transactions (Form 1099-G)
___ Miscellaneous Income (Form 1099-MISC)
___ Social Security Benefits (Form 1099-SSA)
___ Pensions/Annuities (Form 1099-R)
___ Alimony Received
___ Partnership, S Corp, Trust Income (Schedule K-1)
___ Scholarships or Fellowships
___ Other Income such as Prizes, Awards, Gambling or Lottery Winnings
___ Jury Duty or Election Judge
___ State Tax Refunds (Form 1099-G)
___ Series EE Bonds Cashed in to Pay Qualified Education Expenses

Property Ownership

___ Mortgage Interest Paid
___ Home Equity/Second Mortgage Interest Paid
___ Real Estate Taxes Paid
___ Sale of Principal Residence or Other Property
___ Refinancing of Residence or Other Property
___ Expenses for Upkeep/Improvements of Rental Property
___ Records for any Other Sales of Property that may be Taxable


___ Estimated Federal/State Taxes Paid (Copies of Checks)
___ Charitable Contributions
___ Medical Expenses/Premiums Paid
___ Home Office or Business-Related Expenses
___ Un-reimbursed Business Travel Expenses
___ Job Related Education Expenses
___ Student Load Interest Paid
___ Child Care Expenses
___ Adoption Expenses
___ Alimony Paid
___ Tax Preparation Fees
___ Expenses of a Job Search
___ Moving Expenses
___ Retirement Plan Contributions if Self-Employed
___ IRA Contributions
___ Casualty Losses/Theft
___ Records of any other Expenditures that may be Deductible
___ Auto Lease or Loan if Used for Business